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Apple Campus 2: Rundflug über das Mutterschiff (Video des Tages)

Macnews.de, Mehr als nur News - 3 hours 12 min ago
Wie neue Luftaufnahmen zeigen, nimmt Apples gigantisches Mutterschiff, der neue Apple Campus 2, erstaunlich schnell Form an.


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Elgato announces Eve home automation integrated with Apple’s HomeKit, Avea smart LED lights and Smart Power batteries

9 to 5 Mac - Apple Intelligence - 5 hours 19 sec ago

Everything has pretty much stopped in North America for Labor Day (except for perv hackers), but IFA 2014 is ramping up in Germany and Elgato is using this event to debut a new lineup of smart accessories. The announcement encompasses three major new products: Eve, Avea, and Smart Power.

Elgato Eve is easily the most compelling new product in this lineup. Through the use of several sensors, Avea monitors your home’s “air quality, temperature, humidity, air pressure, energy and water consumption.” These Bluetooth connected sensors report back to your iPhone or iPad via the Elgato Eve app. And here’s the best part, it will be fully compatible with Apple HomeKit…
Apple announced HomeKit for iOS 8 back in June during WWDC. The goal behind HomeKit is to centralize and simplify the management of home automation accessories. Once fully launched, HomeKit will allow iOS users to control a variety of devices (from different manufacturers) including locks, lights, cameras, doors, thermostats, plugs, switches, and more from one app. Siri will even learn a few new tricks so you can control your home with voice commands.

Since we’ve heard whispers that Apple may be working on its own sensor-laden home automation products (as well as iPhone 6 getting some of the aforementioned sensors) and we’ve got just over a week to go until the iPhone 6 event, you have to wonder if Elgato is trying to get out in front of any possible competing products that Apple may announce.

Pricing and availability information is not yet available for the Elgato Avea home automation solution.

Elgato is also taking on Philips Hue with the Avea smart LED light bulb. Unlike many of its competitors, iOS users can connect to it directly via Bluetooth, without the need for a bridge. Use the preset lighting configurations to set the mood and the wake-up feature (just like the Philips Wake-Up lights) to start your day without a blaring alarm. Avea bulbs are available now for $50 each.

Smart Power is a 6,000 mAh external power bank that can notify you when it’s time to juice up your iPhone or iPad and “even remind its owner to take it with them on a busy day.” It’s available now for $99.95.

Full press release follows:

Elgato at IFA 2014: Live smarter with app-powered accessories

Munich, September 1st - Elgato will be showcasing a new line of app-powered accessory products at IFA 2014. The new products will enable iPhone and iPad users to control and monitor their home, create the perfect lighting atmosphere and make sure they do not run out of extra power for their gadgets when they need it most. The upcoming product line, Elgato Eve allows users the capability to monitor conditions in the home. The intelligent LED bulb, Avea gives dynamic mood lighting at home, while the intelligent battery, Smart Power offers advanced self-monitoring capabilities to make sure it is always ready to refill iPhones and iPads.

See Eve, Avea, and Smart Power at Hall 15 Booth 222 at IFA Berlin 2014.

Elgato Eve – monitoring system for your home comfort

Elgato will be previewing its upcoming app-powered system for monitoring your home from your iPhone and iPad. The soon to be launched range of Eve sensors gathers data on air quality, temperature, humidity, air pressure, energy and water consumption in your home, this data is then configured and displayed in Elgato’s Eve app. Users can gain insights that can help improve the comfort of their home, making their house a smarter place. Elgato Eve is the solution for a Smart Home. The Bluetooth Smart based Eve sensors will be previewed for the first time during IFA 2014.

Elgato Avea, dynamic mood lighting control system

Elgato today introduces Avea, a smart LED bulb which can be controlled directly using iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth Smart technology. A single tap on one of the many enthralling lighting scenes in the accompanying app creates the perfect atmosphere for focused working, a romantic meal or relaxing after a hard day’s work. Setting up Avea is a breeze: Simply screw in the bulb then download and start the app from iTunes. Avea can be controlled directly using iPhone without a bridge.


  • Dynamic mood lighting – controlled directly by iPhone or iPad
  • Seven dynamic scenes and colors for any situation
  • Wake-Up Light function for a soothing, natural start to the day
  • Works straight out of the box – easy installation with no bridge or gateway required
  • Bulbs available individually so no need to buy a starter pack
  • Energy efficient Bluetooth Smart technology
  • Screw base: E27/E26
  • LED bulb power rating: 7W
  • Brightness : 430 lumens
  • Bulb life: 25,000 hrs
  • Weight: 148 g

Smart Power – The intelligent portable power device that monitors itself

Elgato today introduces Smart Power, the first portable power solution that can take care of itself. Using advanced self-monitoring capabilities and energy efficient Bluetooth Smart technology, Elgato Smart Power sends a notification to the iPhone when it’s time to refill. It will even remind its owner to take it with them on a busy day. The Elgato Smart Power app shows exactly how the battery reserve is holding up. With Elgato Smart Power, users can finally rest assured that they won’t run out of power when they need it most.


  •  High-end battery with a capacity of 6000 mAh and adaptive charging (up to 2,4A / 12W)
  •  Automatic PowerMinder notifications when it’s time to refill
  •  Optional calendar integration: get reminders to take Smart Power along on a busy day
  •  Charges an empty iPhone three times
  •  Automatic high power output for charging your iPad
  •  Input connection: embedded USB cable
  •  Output connection: USB
  •  Standards: Bluetooth 4.0 Smart
  •  What’s in the Box: Elgato Smart Power comes with an embedded USB cable
  •  Dimensions & Weight: 83 x 83 × 23 mm, 160 g

Apple HomeKit

Apple announced the new HomeKit technology will soon be available as part of iOS 8 for iPhone and iPad. HomeKit introduces a new way to control supported devices in your home using Siri. This means you could use your voice to turn on lights or adjust the thermostat. Elgato are set to announce and make available solutions based on Apple’s HomeKit technology once iOS 8 is available.

Pricing & Availability

Elgato Eve

Pricing and availability for the Eve product line will be announced soon. The Elgato app Eve is free and will be available in the App Store.

Elgato Avea

Avea costs USD $99.95/CDN $59.95/€39.95/GBP 39.95/AUD 59 and is available now from the Elgato online shop and select resellers. The Avea app is free and available in the App Store. Devices must meet the following requirements: iPhone 4S or later, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad mini or iPad 3 (3rd generation or later) all running iOS 7.1 (or later).

Elgato Smart Power

Elgato Smart Power is available for USD $99.95/CDN $109.95/EUR 89.95€/GBP £79.95/AUD $139. The Elgato Smart Power app is free and is available in the App Store.  Devices must meet the following requirements: iPhone 4S or later, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad mini or iPad 3 (3rd generation or later) all running iOS 7.1 (or later).

About Elgato

Elgato creates app-powered lifestyle accessories that entertain and enlighten. We combine elegant software with innovative hardware, designed and developed by Elgato engineering and product teams in Germany and California. Our market-leading EyeTV line has won numerous awards since its launch in 2002. Elgato Gaming revolutionizes content creation for the connected generation on YouTube and Twitch. Elgato products are available at major retailers in more than eighty countries. Elgato is privately held with headquarters in Munich, Germany.

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iPhone 6 zeigt sich im bis jetzt besten Leak (Video)

Macnews.de, Mehr als nur News - 6 hours 50 min ago
In genau einer Woche wird Apple das iPhone 6 offiziell präsentieren. In diesem Video zeigt es sich aber schon jetzt in all seiner Pracht.

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Apple HR chief Denise Young-Smith emails employees about diversity & inclusion

9 to 5 Mac - Apple Intelligence - 8 hours 28 min ago

Apple’s Vice President of Global Human Resources Denise Young-Smith emailed all Apple employees last week regarding diversity and inclusion. The email continues Apple’s recent string of events to promote diversity within the company. In mid-August, Apple released diversity data and held events on campus to promote inclusion. Young-Smith was promoted to head of all Apple HR earlier this year, and she received additional attention last month when she was added to Apple’s official executive biographies web page. The full email, via a source, is below:


Tim has kicked off an ongoing conversation about inclusion and diversity at Apple. No matter what our role is or where we sit, this is important and meaningful to all of us, to our customers, and to those who are considering a career at Apple.

The “In Your Voice” feedback we’ve received has been nothing less than what we’d expect: authentic, impassioned, and broadly representative of our diversity of thought and perspectives from around the world. And we’re grateful for it.

Many of you shared stories about how Apple’s culture of inclusion changed the course of your life, whether personally or professionally: “I was over 55 when I was hired. My hiring manager looked beyond my age and hair color and saw me for what I am: an energetic, hard-working individual up for the Apple challenge. Thank you.” “I am rewarded for being and thinking differently. My point of view is appreciated in this environment, whereas in previous experiences and environments, my point of view seemed to be something others had to deal with.”

A few of you compared Apple to the United Nations, describing your daily routine of hearing many languages spoken around you at work and benefitting from global viewpoints.

You told us where Apple could be doing better. You said that your teams and your managers could do more to be inclusive. This often manifests itself in subtle ways — from the words we choose, to how we hire, to how we engage one another and develop others. We all bring with us a life experience that makes us unique, yet colors how we view others and the world around us. We can all benefit from enhanced awareness of how our actions affect others.

Some of you shared that you don’t feel as connected as you would like to your teams or to initiatives that feel removed from your location. You also want to hear from and connect with the many amazing role models in our organization. These are areas we can greatly improve upon and we will. We must.

We believe to our core that inclusion inspires our very best innovations. As one of you put it, “Diversity is essential to making sure our products are great for all humanity. When our teams are diverse, we make noticeably better products for the world.”

Along with that, we know that we need to demonstrate an active commitment to inclusion in our day-to-day work to fully leverage the richness of our diversity.

We’re going to continue this conversation and others that further the dialogue on innovation, inclusion, and of course, why we are all here: to make an impact and do our very best work. Together.

We welcome your thoughts and ideas as we move forward.


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Contact Center : une porte d'entrée vers Launch Center Pro

iGeneration.fr - 8 hours 37 min ago
Si Launch Center Pro peut repousser certains utilisateurs qui ne voudraient pas (ou n'auraient pas le temps) de s'essayer à la création de raccourcis complexes, l'éditeur Contrast propose une version allégée et gratuite, mais pas dénuée d'intérêt pour autant. Contact Center [1.0 – US – Gratuit (achats in-app) – iOS 7 - Contrast] est lui aussi un lanceur d'actions, mais limité aux contacts. Les fiches contact et les actions sont regroupées dans une grille de 3 x 4 cases (trois supplémentaires peuvent être débloquées contre un micro-paiement de 2,69 euros); chaque case peut contenir un contact, une action, ou un dossier pouvant contenir à son tour un maximum de 15 items. Même si l'on dispose d'une liberté d'action moindre qu'avec Launch Center Pro, Contact Center ouvre de nombreuses possibilités. Les raccourcis permettent par exemple d'avoir toujours sous la main les personnes que l'on contacte le plus souvent (un appel FaceTime... Lire la suite sur iGeneration

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¿Tu iPhone está seguro? Análisis de Seguros para móviles

Esfera iPhone - 8 hours 47 min ago

A la vuelta de la esquina está la llegada del nuevo iPhone 6 de Apple y como siempre por estas fechas, a parte de las nuevas características que incluirá, siempre nos surge la duda de cómo protegeremos el terminal ante posibles desperfectos que pueda ocasionarle una caída o accidente.

Muchos optan por carcasas ultraresistentes a prueba de lanzallamas, otros las prefieren finas y delgadas que no engorden sobremanera al terminal y algunos de ellos (los más osados) dejan el teléfono como Apple lo trajo al mundo: “Pelao“.

Es dentro de este perfil de usuario donde encontramos un reducido grupo que hace uso y disfrute de un sistema, muy extendido en otros países, que tranquiliza al consumidor a la par que garantiza la integridad física del terminal: Asegurar el teléfono. Vamos pues a analizar algunas de las posibilidades que el mercado nos ofrece a la hora de utilizar este método de protección.

Lo primero es recordar que la propia Apple tiene un seguro Extra, aún no implementado en nuestro país, que asegura el iPhone o iPad contra roturas, el denominado AppleCare+, que esperemos que nos llegue a España a partir de la próxima Keynote. ¿Y qué hace? Pues a demás de lo que hace un AppleCare normal, durante los dos años de garantía te permite reparar o sustituir tu teléfono hasta en dos ocasiones en caso de rotura por accidente. En EEUU tiene un coste de 99$, por lo que aquí nos llegará con un coste aproximado de 70€. Interesante ¿no?.

Ahora pasemos a analizar la posibilidades que tenemos en España actualmente, que pasan en un primer momento por los seguros que las propias compañías telefónicas nos ofrecen. En estos seguros (como en todos) hay que fijarse en el tipo de cobertura que tienen, ya que puede ser parcial, cubriendo sólo los desperfectos del teléfono o bien cubrir también el robo con fuerza, el hurto o el uso indebido. ¡Ojo! El Robo con fuerza es distinto del hurto, es decir, que pases un mal rato a punta de navaja o algo peor con su correspondiente denuncia no es lo mismo que te lo sustraigan sin enterarte. Otra cosa importante a tener en cuenta es si tendrá franquicia o no, lo que redundará en el importe de la cuota que paguemos de seguro.

Veamos qué nos ofrecen:

Seguro Móvil Vodafone

Condiciones: Robo con violencia, sustracción de vehículo, daño accidental, daño por líquidos, pérdida por fuerza mayor y utilización fraudulenta hasta 500€.
Contratación: Producto destinado a clientes de contrato particulares, autónomos y empresas, contratable en un máximo de 30 días (desde la recepción del pedido para canal online y plataforma telefónica) tras efectuar una nueva alta, portabilidad y migración con terminal, canje de puntos y tras reparaciones de postventa (contratable solo en el mismo momento de la entrega).
Precio para iPhone (Gama Premium): 6€/mes o 72€ anual.

Seguro Móvil Movistar

Condiciones: Daños accidentales, robo, hurto y llamadas fraudulentas (hasta 1000€).
Contratación: En el momento de la compra de un nuevo móvil y hasta 15 días después. Debe estar asociado a un alta nueva, una renovación por puntos, un cambio de tarjeta a contrato o una portabilidad a Movistar.
Precio para iPhone: 10,99€/mes + 45€ de Franquicia por siniestro.

Seguro Móvil de Orange

Condiciones: Rotura, oxidación, robo, hurto y hasta 1500€ en caso de llamadas fraudulentas. Incluye un reemplazo al año y todas las averías.
Contratación: Hasta 30 días después de la adquisición del nuevo móvil.
Precio para iPhone: 11€/mes Iphone 5S 16Gb y 12€/mes Iphone 5S de 32 y 64Gb. Franquicia en caso de reemplazo de terminal de 60€.

A demás de las compañías telefónicas, se han subido al carro de asegurar los terminales las compañías de seguros tradicionales. Veamos unos ejemplos de lo que ofrecen:

Cáser Seguros (Garante Corredores)

Condiciones: Rotura, sobretensiones eléctricas. El seguro cubre los costes de transporte y mano de obra para la reparación de averías y la reposición de piezas o componentes que pudiera sufrir el bien garantizado siempre que hayan sido producidas por causa accidental. En caso de que la reparación no fuera posible, se procedería a la sustitución del equipo asegurado por otro idéntico o de similares características o prestaciones.
Contratación: Hasta 30 días después de la adquisición del nuevo móvil.
Precio para iPhone: 69€ pago anual.

Geek Squad Total (The Phone House)

Condiciones: Cobertura en caso de robo, hurto, daños y roturas, líquidos, óxido en placa y de hasta 3000€ en uso fraudulento y de hasta 300€ en accesorios.
Contratación: hasta 7 días después de la fecha de compra.
Precio para iPhone: 48€/trimestral o 192€ anual. Franquicias de 40€ en reparación y 70€ en reemplazo.

Mapfre Asistencia (Tiendas Yoigo)

Condiciones: Robo, rotura, accidente y uso fraudulento hasta 1200€.
Contratación: Sólo está disponible para los móviles nuevos adquiridos en Tiendas Yoigo y se debe formalizar en el momento de la portabilidad o alta nueva de la línea, ya sea de Contrato o Tarjeta.
Precio para iPhone (Gama Diamante): 37,49€/trimestre.

Como veis hay una amplia variedad a la hora de asegurar nuestros dispositivos. La pregunta es, ¿merece la pena ese extra en coste para despreocuparnos de los infortunios del destino?

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iPhone 6 : une reconstitution convaincante

MacGeneration - 8 hours 54 min ago
Le site russe Rozetked a reconstitué un iPhone 6 de 4,7 pouces au complet et en propose une fort jolie vidéo.

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In-depth, high-quality hands-on video of iPhone 6 assembled from leaked parts

9 to 5 Mac - Apple Intelligence - 9 hours 4 min ago

We now have our best look yet at the iPhone 6 until Apple officially launches the device on September 9th. Russia-based YouTuber Rozetked has put together what appears to be a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 (hands on footage of the 5.5-inch model went online this morning) with several of the leaked components that we’ve seen all over the web the last several months. The comparison shows both black and white front plates, along with a space gray rear shell. The video compares the design to the existing iPhone 5s and gives a very close look at the overall design aesthetic. You can find the video along with some more still photos below:

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iTunes Festival : c'est parti pour 30 nuits de musique gratuite

iGeneration.fr - 9 hours 33 min ago
Apple a mis les bouchées doubles pour promouvoir l'édition 2014 de l'iTunes Festival, qui vient d'ouvrir ses portes à Londres. Le coup d'envoi a été donné il y a quelques minutes par Friend Within, qui sera suivi par Deadmau5. Si on n'a pas la chance d'assister à l'événement en personne (ce qui est fort possible au vu de la jauge limitée du Roundhouse), pas de panique : Apple les retransmet gratuitement via l'app iTunes Store sur iOS, depuis une chaîne éphémère de l'Apple TV, ou encore en direct sur son Mac via iTunes. Une application dédiée pour iOS est aussi proposée. Cette édition est d'ailleurs l'occasion pour Apple de lancer un profil Instagram dédié à l'événement. Il n'y a qu'une dizaine de photos pour le moment (dont la plupart proviennent des éditions précédentes), mais gageons que cela se remplira très vite. Rappelons pour finir qu'Apple a annoncé plus tôt aujourd'hui que Placido Domingo clôturera le... Lire la suite sur iGeneration

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Smart Power : batterie externe rusée chez Elgato

iGeneration.fr - 9 hours 33 min ago
En attendant qu'Apple mette la main sur la martingale qui évitera aux propriétaires d'iPhone de compter les minutes les séparant de l'extinction de leurs smartphones en panne d'autonomie, les gros utilisateurs du mobile se doivent d'emporter avec eux une batterie externe. Le hic, c'est que ce périphérique a aussi besoin d'être relié de temps à autre au secteur, histoire de recharger sa propre batterie, sinon l'intérêt est proche de zéro. Elgato a mis au point avec la Smart Power une batterie externe d'une capacité de 6 000 mAh et d'une puissance de 2,4 ampères (capable donc de prendre en charge un iPad Air). De quoi assurer trois recharges d'iPhone. Le « smart » du boîtier se cache dans le système de notifications. Il envoie des notifications automatiques lorsqu'il est nécessaire de le brancher au courant (avec son câble USB intégré). L'application compagnon peut aussi jeter un œil sur l'agenda de l'utilisateur afin... Lire la suite sur iGeneration
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L'iTunes Festival démarre ce soir avec 3 concerts

iGeneration.fr - 9 hours 56 min ago
C'est ce soir qu'est donné le coup d'envoi de l'iTunes Festival de Londres. Tous les soirs pendant un mois, Apple va diffuser en direct vers les iPhone/iPad, dans iTunes et sur l'Apple TV des concerts gratuits. La programmation est éclectique, il y aura Lenny Kravitz, Robert Plant, Plácido Domingo, Pharrell Williams, Maroon 5, David Guetta, David Gray, Beck, Blondie, Kylie ou encore Mary J. Blige, pour n'en citer qu'une partie. Le concert principal de la soirée est toujours précédé de prestations d'autres artistes. Ainsi, ce soir à 22h30 c'est l'électro de deadmau5 qui tient la vedette, il suivra Friends Within (21h30) et Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra (20h45). Dans iTunes sur Mac et PC un lien conduit à la section iTunes Festival, sur l'Apple TV une chaine est apparue la semaine dernière et sur iPhone et iPad il y a une app pour ça. Apple a aussi profité de l'occasion pour lancer depuis cet été une offre sur l'Apple TV. L'achat du boîtier (99 euros) Apple... Lire la suite sur iGeneration

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Cubot is a fun, minimalist puzzler

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) - 10 hours 8 min ago
For fans of shape-based slide puzzles, such as the Rubick's Cube and Tetris will enjoy Cubot. This game, at it's core, is simply rolling cubes around on a grid of squares, to a square that corresponds with a cube's color (the basic cubes are blue)....
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Fuite de photos dénudées : Apple enquête

MacGeneration - 10 hours 11 min ago
Depuis ce matin, l'affaire fait grand bruit. Des photos de célébrités nues sont en libre circulation sur internet, suite à l'exploitation d'une faille au sein du service Localiser mon iPhone. Les pirates ont en fait usé de force brute sur les comptes iCloud des victimes, en utilisant un script Python qui teste des milliers de combinaisons avant de trouver le sésame. L'actrice Jennifer Lawrence fait partie des victimes de ce piratage. Apple a rapidement comblé la brèche, mais malgré tout le mal est fait : à quelques jours d'un special event où il devrait être question d'un objet « prêt à porter » mesurant et analysant l'activité physique, la sécurité des données revient sur le devant de la scène : qui voudrait laisser à iCloud le soin de stocker des informations aussi précieuses concernant sa santé si la sécurité n'est pas maximale ? Apple « enquête activement » sur le vol de données qui a eu lieu sur les comptes iCloud des vedettes touchées,... Lire la suite sur MacGeneration

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Apple ‘actively investigating’ alleged iCloud hacking that caused celebrity nude photo leak

9 to 5 Mac - Apple Intelligence - 10 hours 14 min ago

Re/code has received a statement from Apple about the alleged hacking incidents. Natalie Kerris says:

“We take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report,” said Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris.

As is the norm with Apple’s public facing commentary, the company has not said much about the situation. Somehow, compromising personal pictures of several celebrities have leaked online and many are blaming iCloud as the root cause. The events are muddled by the fact that some of the reported claims have transpired to be fake Photoshopped images, although some — like the images of Jennifer Lawrence — have been confirmed to be legitimate.

Earlier today, a brute-force iCloud exploit was highlighted that may offer an explanation for the leaks, where Apple servers were repeatedly pummelled with common passwords to try and break entry into user’s accounts. This flaw has already been patched, but it is important to note that this issue is not necessarily linked to the celebrity hacks. It is also unclear when the vulnerability was first exploited. Photo Stream only stores the last 1000 images, so it seems likely that those responsible has been working for a while to collate the collection of images.

It is also important to stress that something else entirely, not iCloud, could be the root source of the hacks. 9to5Mac will report on the happenings as it evolves. For now, the best advice to protect against such attacks is to enable two-factor authentication, which makes dictionary attacks near-impossible to pull off.

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iPhone 6 : encore une confirmation du 19 septembre

iGeneration.fr - Mon, 01/09/2014 - 21:37
Les opérateurs commencent à se préparer au lancement de l'iPhone 6. En Grande-Bretagne, c'est O2 qui fait parler de lui aujourd'hui avec une publicité amusante, vantant les services des « Gurus O2 » (sorte de Genius) qui peuvent aider les clients de l'opérateur à tirer le meilleur parti de leurs smartphones… « à moins qu'il ne s'agisse du nouvel XXX, vu qu'il ne sort que le XX / XX / XX ». L'allusion est assez claire et le clin d'œil rigolo. Surtout qu'il y a un chat dans le visuel. Si la présentation des nouveaux iPhone est calée pour le 9 septembre, il reste effectivement à savoir quand la nouvelle génération d'iPhone sera disponible. Le 19 septembre tient la corde depuis un moment, une date confirmée semble t-il au site iPhonez par un opérateur néerlandais anonyme. De notre côté, nous avions obtenu la même date de deux sources chez des opérateurs français (lire : iPhone 6 : la semaine 38 semble se confirmer pour la... Lire la suite sur iGeneration

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FreeViolaTuner 1.1 - Easy tuning of the viola. (Free)

MacUpdate - Mac OS X - Mon, 01/09/2014 - 21:16
FreeViolaTuner makes it easy to tune the viola. Just click on the button and tune the viola with the sound of the tuned string!

The app has:

  • 9 pitches modes:
    • Baroque
    • Scientific
    • France1859
    • New Philharmonic
    • Concert Pitch
    • Boston Symphony Orchestra
    • New Berliner Philarmoniker
    • Old Berliner Philharmoniker
    • Renaissance
  • Mode for automatic repeating of the playing sounds
  • Original instrument sound
Have a lot of fun making music!!!

Version 1.1: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

  • OS X 10.7 or later

More information

Download Now
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FreeDoubleBassTuner 1.1 - Easy tuning of the double bass. (Free)

MacUpdate - Mac OS X - Mon, 01/09/2014 - 21:08
FreeDoubleBassTuner makes it easy to tune the double bass. Just click on the button and tune the double bass with the sound of the tuned string!

The app has:

  • 9 pitches modes
    • Baroque
    • Scientific
    • France1859
    • New Philharmonic
    • Concert Pitch
    • Boston Symphony Orchestra
    • New Berliner Philarmoniker
    • Old Berliner Philharmoniker
    • Renaissance
  • Mode for automatic repeating of the playing sounds
  • Original instrument sound
Have a lot of fun making music!!!

Version 1.1: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

  • OS X 10.7 or later

More information

Download Now
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Today in the App Store -- the best free apps, new apps and app updates

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) - Mon, 01/09/2014 - 21:00
Here are some of the best free apps, app updates and new apps that have landed in the App Store recently. All app prices are USD and subject to change. Some deals may expire quickly, so grab them while you can. Apps Now Free Algebra Touch [iOS...
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ListeningEarTrainer 1.16 - Improve pitch recognition skills. (Shareware)

MacUpdate - Mac OS X - Mon, 01/09/2014 - 20:59
Listening Ear Trainer offers two systematic methods to improve your pitch recognition skills. The first method The Singing Funnel Method presents you randomly notes that you have selected for the exercise. Your task is to sing the notes with increasing precision. In the beginning the funnel is wide open: you may be more than 2 notes off and still pass that level. As you continue the funnel gets smaller and smaller. If you reach an accuracy of a quarter step, then you can identify notes with a precision necessary to distinguish the notes in our 12 half-step scales. The second method The Octave Anchor Pitches Method does not require you to sing. First you learn to distinguish five notes that are an octave apart. These are the C2, C3, C4, C5 and C6. Then you start adding other notes. The next notes are the G2, G3, G4, and G5. One by one, you will add notes during the exercises, until you cover all notes. Both methods start with easy to master exercises. Since the computer gives you feedback and keeps track of your progress you get a systematic approach to improve your ability to recognize notes.

Version 1.16:
  • Has now 66 exercises for the Singing Funnel Method; 8 exercises for the Octave Anchor Pitches Method; 22 exercises for the Interval Overtone Method. The first 24 exercises are free.

OS X 10.4.11 or later

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Music Beany : Archos fout sa cagoule

MacGeneration - Mon, 01/09/2014 - 20:55
Le Music Beany d'Archos est le premier bonnet connecté au monde : il se connecte via Bluetooth à un smartphone et diffuse la musique dans un écouteur planqué sous la cagoule. 30€.

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